known as the PMMCT

Objectives and activities

The PMMCT’s official objectives are to protect and maintain two houses of historic interest for the public – Southside House (Wimbledon Common SW19) and Hellens (Much Marcle, Herefordshire HR8 2LY) to make them available for educational and cultural activities relevant to the local communities.

Both houses are regularly open to the general public on payment of a nominal entrance fee, which covers a guided tour.  Specialist groups are catered for, with organised tours.

The Charity Trust is engaged in a number of non-profit making areas designed for people of all ages, races and abilities: 

For example, with vulnerable adolescents on our Back2Wild Programmes (operating since 8 years); with children of primary and secondary school levels, with poetry and poets (see The Ledbury Poetry Festival operating since 21 years); with our environmental forest schools, and our cultural initiatives based on historic Hellens (operating approximately 15 years).  We work with music students of all ages and abilities through our Hellensmusic Festival, and accompanying musical programmes through the year.  We work with older groups organising Pilates and Yoga courses, as well as painting courses, environmental seminars, forestry and woodland workshops.  We host NADFAS pension groups working at the property on a weekly basis.  In all cases, emphasis is placed on activities of benefit to the local and neighbouring communities, although our work brings in support and interest on wider regional and national level.

In order to achieve its objectives a working party of the trustees, together with the administrators of both houses, are actively engaged in promoting visitors and organising special events, whilst ensuring that the properties are maintained in good order and that their unique nature is not destroyed by excessive exposure.

The trustees have paid due regard to guidance issued by the Charity Commission in deciding what activities the charity trust should undertake.